Give Help

Imagine if you and your children were forced to choose between living in your car or returning to an abusive home. What would you do if you didn’t have the money to pay your rent or feed your family? These are the overwhelming life challenges facing women in our community, and they desperately need your help.

Every day, women facing homelessness, hunger, job loss, domestic violence and other serious life issues seek assistance from Hope for Her — 80% of whom are single moms caring for kids. They and their children often have nowhere else to turn. 

Together with your support, we can change that, transforming the lives of countless women and children while strengthening our economy and entire community.

Four Ways You Can Help


Your financial contribution gives women and their children hope and help for a better life.

Give Items

Provide food, clothing and other essential necessities to meet their basic needs.



Interested in working one-on-one with women in need? Contact Us


We host events throughout the year to help the women and children we serve.

Common Volunteering Myths

#1: I have no useful skills to share.

Kathy at Hope for Her helps volunteers discover their potential skills by simply talking with them about their life experiences. Pat, a volunteer at the organization, was initially hesitant to step out of her comfort zone but soon realized that her life experience was a valuable skill she could use to help others. Hope for Her believes that God sends the right people at the right time, and encourages those who may not think they have relevant skills to consider volunteering.

#2: I'll say the wrong thing.

At Hope for Her, volunteers receive extensive one-on-one training and job shadowing to prepare them for working with guests individually. Volunteers are never alone and have access to resources like spiritual counseling from partner churches if needed. To volunteer, all that’s needed is a patient and caring heart that is open to the Holy Spirit.

#3: I don’t have the time to volunteer.

Hope for Her seeks volunteers who can commit to giving their time regularly and consistently each week. For instance, volunteer Carolyn dedicates two hours per week to teaching a computer excel spreadsheet class, which is valuable for women seeking to improve their computer skills when returning to the workforce. Even if you have only one to three hours to give each week, it can be enough to make a meaningful difference.

For more information on ways and how you can help please Contact Us.